Plato PVC Film is a high quality transparent PVC Strip Curtain, a simplest solution to install a barrier with low maintenance to separate working environments. PVC Strip Curtain is very good at preventing heat loss or cold loss from controlled temperature environments, noise insolation, reduce the movement of contaminants (such as dust, smoke, dirt and fumes from one area to another) and reduce pests (such as flies, birds, and mosquitoes) .

The transparent PVC Strip Curtain is a ‘see through’ barrier which can help to reduce collisions and accidents for people who pass through, also to get diffuse natural light from outdoor.

PVC Clear Film (Matte Finishing)

0.1mm-0.5mm x 1320mm x 100m
PVC Clear Film (Glossy Finishing) 0.5mm x 1800mm x 60m
0.8mm x 1524mm x 50m

PVC Strip Curtain:

Clear 2.00mm x 200mm x 50m 
Transparent Yellow 2.0mm x 200mm x 35m
Clear 3.0mm x 300mm x 50m

PVC Clear Film
PVC Clear Film
PVC Strip Curtain
PVC Strip Curtain
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