OEM & ODM Inflatable Products

We are also specialised in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and ODM (Original Design Manufacturing) all kinds of inflatable products such as inflatable bounce house & toys, inflatable air house and tent, inflatable amusement furniture, inflatable projector screen, customised inflatable obstacle bounce house, customised water park inflatable obstacle play course and etc.. We supply to worldwide clients, such as The United States of America, The United Kingdom, Germany, Netherlands, Argentina, Australia, China, Thailand and more countries.

Supply & Install

We have our in-house professional installation team to provide supply and install services on TopArmor product series and custom made inflatable products. Our installation scopes are including works for roofing, flooring, aquaculture, swimming pool, inflatable products and more.

High-tech Textured Printing

Our new printing technology is able to print and turn any of the picture files to a printing with waterproof and special textured effect on our materials. The printing can turn into a decorative arts such as oil painting, wallpaper, backdrop, souvenir, door gift and etc.

Custom Made Material & Printing

We are able to provide custom made materials and printings with different product specification, such as colour, thickness, width, length, weight, surface embossing, surface treatment, variant designs for printing on material surface and etc.

In-house Design Team

Our in-house design team is professional in designing inflatable products, including the details of product design, printing design, choose of material specification, material cutting specification, material sewing specification and etc. To ensure the product durability and safety, the uniqueness of product design and fun to enjoy.

In-house Lab Test

Our in-house lab will carry out lab tests on batch by batch of our productions to ensure our product quality assurance, also to enhance our product quality to a higher level and standard.

Research & Development

Our affiliate companies are experienced in the industry and always continue to invent and focus on the research & development (R&D) for a wider range of plastic materials and products. We are always ready to take new challenges to be more innovative to transform client’s problems into solutions.

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